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"Combi" was established in 1983. Since then, we have been building our magical world of glass creating products from simple ornamental forms to impressive designs based on a long cultural tradition. 
We specialise in decorating domestic as well as hollow glassware, in a variety of techniques. 
Having perfected the secrets of our forefathers in the contemporary techniques of glass ornamenting, along with our wide range of glass products, we are able to fulfil all, even the most sophisticated of tastes. 

We offer the following ornamental techniques:

Through 29 years of reliable workmanship, we have built up a modern company with the latest machinery, and a production warehouse with 2000sq.m. of floor space.

Our reliable and well-qualified staff, are capable of working to high standards and meeting new challenges.
As a result, our portfolio is extensive and includes over 60 designs and decorations. 
Moreover, the brand and products are known not only on the Polish market but also abroad.

Furthermore, "Combi" products decorate some of the most renowned houses in the Far East, 
Africa as well as in Europe. 
Welcome to the world of glass, we wish to recommend our products to you and to encourage you to further commercial cooperation.